It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Winter

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter!

Snow in every forecast-

I hope it won’t last.

It makes me downcast,

just like so many days that’ve come before.


Yet, the thickening clouds tell me that it's winter.

Snow is sure to come.

It has me on the run!

Cold doesn’t seem like fun,

like the fun to be had during the summer sun.


So, I’ve got to get my mind on winter.

Sure the days are cold.

But, I can be so bold

and withstand the freezing cold,

just like so many of the days I’ve done before.


Well, here I am withstanding this year’s winter.

Boy, it’s cold out here!

I’m standing very near

the one I hold so dear

as he tries to loosen my hands upon his own.


But, here we are clutching our selves in winter.

We could run in place,

or have ourselves a race

to see you can outpace

the other to get inside near the fire.


That was a fun ten seconds in this winter.

So glad to be inside

This is where we will hide

until the back-hill slide

of cold air yields to sunny days again!


By Annette Gagliardi


Okay, Okay, so winter is not my very favorite season of the year. Please take the poem and this blog in the spirit it is intended: tongue-in-cheek.

I hate the added bulk of sweaters, undershirts, extra socks, jackets, mittens, hats, scarves. Yuk! I hate that things just do not want to cooperate as the temperature drops. You know what I’m talking about if you live in the northern climes. Door locks, car seat buckles, tape, everything seems challenging when you are wearing mittens. Just try to find a specific thing in your purse or pocket.

Yesterday it took me ten minutes to get my grandson out of his car seat. I was planning on serving him lunch in the car! I had to finally take off my mittens, and the band aid on my split thumb and then press on the most painful part of my thumb to push the red section of the seat belt to get it to release. What a pain-literally.

The garage door opener stops working in the teen degrees. It groans, rises about two feet, then stops. I press again and the door goes back down. I press again, the door groans, moves up two, three, four feet. I think it is going to work, but no. The door stops mid-way up. I press the button again and again. On the fourth or fifth try, the door finally goes all the way up. Sheesh! My car doesn’t want to turn over and run – but neither do I. My car’s tires become square at single digit temperatures so for the first few miles the road seems impossibly bumpy.

Last week, I went to the garage, struggled to get the door open, my car to start and finally was backing out of the garage when two little mice jumped from my engine block and ran down the alley. I guess the warming engine was too much for them. For a while there, they had a home.

The sidewalks are slippery; the streets as well. Then there is the surprise of ‘black ice’ that has us slipping toward the intersections as we try to stop. My fingers crack even though I put lotion on them daily. My feet as well, seem to dry up in the winter. And static electricity is in full supply, so that whenever I take my coat off, the sweater I’m wearing clings to it. I crackle like the splitting of atoms as one heavy-weight article of clothing parts with another.

And my hair, which on a good day is questionable, in winter is dryer that hay. Add the hat and you’ve got ‘enchanted’ all the way. Of course, ‘hat hair’ is good for laughs with all of us, even the babies who come with wispy fronds of hair flying every which way. Cute on babies and little boys, but on me? I don’ think so.

I like to stay inside my nice warm house, baking something that smells really good (cookies, bread, stew, a roast), reading a good book, drinking hot cocoa or sipping wine. I like visiting with friends – they should all come to my house. Yes?

But, of course during winter, my house doesn't stay as warm as I would like. Especially the toilet seat. When we visited Japan a few years ago, I realized how ingenious the Japanese are. They had created little covers for the toilet seat, so when a person sat down the cover didn't leave frostbite on their legs. I want those.

I do like Spring – specifically late spring when I know I can go outside and not be blistered by the cold temperatures. I love the progression of spring flowers, the crocus, the daffodils and tulips. It seems like spring has the most flowers. The smell of the earth as I dig and plant the garden seems to welcome me home. I cannot dig in the garden during the winter months.

I love summer with its warm afternoons, balmy evenings and tempestuous thunderstorms. I love the smell of the air after a thunderstorm, when the water has washed all the pollen and pollution from the air and it is fresh again, virginal. Have you ever walked out just after the storm to look for the rainbows in the sky? That is something to do. We did that with our girls, but now we are too old – ha!  We sit on our porch swing and ‘cus and discuss the neighborhood happenings, recent books we’ve read, politics and air travel.

I love strolling around the neighborhood after supper with my husband. We comment on whatever home repair we see happening, the airplanes, flowerbeds, children romping, and more. We hold hands and smell the summer breeze. “Look. There goes the Delta KLM flight to Amsterdam.” he says. And, I ‘Hmm, hmm.“ back to him. Then we continue our stroll, stopping to visit along the way. Sometimes Jim & Jane invite us for a glass of wine and we visit past dark. Aaahhh. Summer.

I enjoy early autumn, when the leaves begin to turn. I enjoy the surprise of a new tree aflame with autumnal colors. The progression from green to yellow or red amazes me anew each year. I look for the ones that were ‘on fire’ last year to see if they will have the same intensity. Also, the garden is wonderful in the fall, giving of its bounty. I can or freeze endless servings of fruit and vegetables. We eat the last of the lettuces, spinach and kale I planted in April. I thank Mother Earth for feeding us these past months. As the last of the broccoli is harvested, the last green beans and the last tomato is picked, the days begin to cool. The need for light jackets or sweaters becomes a regular occurrence.

In later Autumn, we don jackets and still stroll for as long as the light permits. But as the days get shorter, even daylight savings time cannot stop the approaching darkness of winter. It is really the cold dark that is hardest for me to take. I can survive the darkness. But, it seems like cold and dark together make for an unlikable combination.

It is winter. It is freezing when getting out of the shower. I'm shivering as I get dressed in the morning. I get into bed with socks on, so my feet won’t get cold, only to find that they become cold in just the time between when I take the socks off and put my feet under the covers. Then I scooch over to my spouse and give him the surprise of My Cold Feet.  Some days, he doesn’t like winter, either.



6 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Winter

  1. Pat Gleason

    What a wonderful Christmas gift to get to read your writings! Thank you, Annette. You are a very gifted woman....and Merry Christmas to you and your family

  2. Lois Huffman

    I really enjoyed this poem and your story after the poem. I can relate with it a hundred times over. I was blessed by people who planted too much produce or at least said they did and would call me to see if I would like some. so I canned a lot of green beans, tomatoes, ketchup, tomato sauce, paste and spaghetti sauce. didn't make pizza sauce this year. still have some from last year. you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year too.


      Post author

      Thanks for commenting Lois, and aren't you glad to have that canned produce during the winter? I just love looking into my jelly cupboard and seeing the jars of pickles and jellies. It is somehow comforting.

  3. Lois Rafferty

    This is delightful, Annette. I do love living where we have seasons. But alas, I agree with you, especially this winter, about the ills of this cold dry air. I feel bad when I pet my cat, giving her shocks. And I'll bet a whole lot of us wear socks to bed. Very Minnesota sexy. Ha! Merry Christmas to you and your family; and thank God for Christmas (and I do), as it gets us through all of this dark and cold.


      Post author

      Hi Lois, and thank you for your comment. We dropped xmas jam at your door this evening. I was mentally adding to this post as we sidestepped icy patches along the sidewalk, delivering our xmas gifts to the neighbors. It was cold, but satisfying. Merry Christmas.


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