Here’s Annette

by stream

Hi. My name is Annette Gagliardi and I would like to share a little bit about myself. I have been writing for quite some time. I began telling stories in my twenties and went around to libraries and childcare centers as a storyteller. I also began writing and publishing poetry during that time and have continued to write. My teaching career began in my thirties, but I have been teaching something to someone since I was nineteen and began teaching a Sunday School classroom of 7th graders.

Getting books published is exciting and winning poetry awards is also fun. But, what really bakes my bread is presenting to school children. I have been presenting a variety of topics for a few years now. Since The Three Betty Goats Griff came out, I have presented “From rough draft to final product” and “Dispelling the Myths Behind the Three Betty Goats Griff” (fact or fiction). Now that Resourceful Erica is published (through Dorrance, Inc.) I present that story as well and demonstrate paper folding for the story.

I have also shared my love of poetry with a variety of elementary students, from kindergarteners to fifth graders. For the last five years, a class of fifth graders has shared April – Poetry Month activities with me. We blanket the school with "Poem in Your Pocket" flyers. In 2016 I began working each week with the fifth graders on poetry. By the end of the year we were able to create an antholgy with many of their poems. I'm working with them again this year. There's no telling what we'll do.  I have grown along with my students who proved that poetry can be enjoyed and written by the young as well as the old.

Would you like to have me come to your school or library for a presentation?

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